Website Design

Website Design

Design and Build

The best websites don’t just look clean and clutter-free by accident; to achieve this you need the right balance of information to engage the reader which is achieved through thoughtful design. We think we’ve got it just about right.

First we get to grips and highlight exactly what it is you need your website to achieve through an initial needs analysis. By exploring these objectives clearly and simply, it allows us to focus on the content management system and technical platform that will provide a sound foundation for your website. Our chosen platform is WordPress, which is one of the most effective, flexible online solutions for the job.

Only then will we turn our attention to the look and feel, exploring designs that will give you the most visual appeal. And finally, when we’re ready to bring together the right mix of design and functionality, our focus will be on building a website that stays faithful to your brand. One that drives traffic, increases awareness and creates new business opportunities for you.

Content Strategy

Producing keyword optimised copy is what helps to give our website service the edge. We take care to write it with customers and search engines in mind. Because producing great copy that online visitors will want to read is no good if they can’t find it in the first place!

It’s this search-optimised copy that will really drive results. Whatever you’re trying to say, we can blend all the crucial keywords into the copy. Words that your target audience are typing into search engines to find the services they’re looking for. And the more keyword optimised the copy, the better the page ranking of your website is likely to be.

Search Marketing

One of the most important influences on website traffic and awareness is searchability. It’s something you can allow to happen naturally, or even pay to enhance. We can show you how to work on your website to enhance page rank with search engines like Google, to help give your website the search rankings and exposure you need. Our content managed solution also makes life easier for search engines, its usability is excellent and by enhancing your site with optimised copy and clear navigation it really helps to engage and retain readers.

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