Getting Started on Twitter

Twitter helps businesses both large and small stay connected with their customers. As a business, you can use Twitter to quickly share information, gather market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with people who care about your company. This page is designed to help your business dive in and begin interacting with this wealth of information in a way that matters to your company.

Why is Twitter useful to businesses?

Twitter is an information network that connects people through the exchange of quick, 140-character messages often called Tweets. You can use Twitter to spread news about your company or products, engage in conversations, gather feedback from your customers, and share the inside scoop about your business in real time.

How to get started:

1. BEFORE YOU START: complete your profile
Click the Settings tab at the top of your Twitter page to customize aspects of your profile. You’ll want to upload a logo or photo, fill out your company bio, include a link to your website, and even customize the background and design of your page.

2. DISCOVER: find and follow
Begin your Twitter journey by finding and following Twitter accounts that matter to your company. Follow other businesses, users who have tweeted about your business, and subject matter experts related to your product. Tip: Do a search for keywords related to your company and follow the authors of Tweets you find compelling.

3. ENGAGE: retweet and reply
Use existing information on Twitter to begin contributing to conversations related to your company. Look for messages in search results relating to your business, then reply with a reaction to someone’s Tweet. Try retweeting a Tweet that mentions something positive about your business! Tip: Users love to see replies from companies they’ve tweeted about. This shows you care. Try to be helpful, thankful, or even funny.

4. CREATE: contribute your own content
Now you’re ready to begin tweeting. Not sure what to write? Publish links to photos that share behind-the-scenes info, spread the word about upcoming events or product launches,advertise discounts or specials, or simply tell the world what you think and why. Tip: Post Tweets that encourage replies. Ask your followers to answer with feedback or photos. Offer discounts and prizes to the best respondent.

5. NETWORK: expand your reach
Reach more customers and fans by linking to your Twitter account from your company website or blog. Share your username publicly, be it on a business card, a cash register or storefront window, on invoices, or in a newsletter. Tip: The best ways to gain followers on Twitter are to regularly engage and contribute in a meaningful way, and to advertise your Twitter presence.

Using Twitter search to your advantage:

Twitter Search is a key feature for businesses. Go to to find Tweets that include keywords related to your product. You can even search by location to find messages posted near you and your business.

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